Utrecht Summerschool

Dear Sir, Madam,

In the summer of 2016 ensemble INSOMNIO offers music students a chance to participate in a course for performing contemporary ensemble music. The course is part of the Utrecht Summer School which takes place in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.
During the course the music students are guided by the experienced musicians of INSOMNIO to explore works by Boulez, Dessner, Schönberg and Reich.

We are contacting you because, as the contact person of a conservatory, you have immediate access to a large number of music students. Alongside this e-mail you’ll find more information on the summer school, as well as the link to the page on which they can subscribe. Could you spread this information among the students of your institute?
Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at luc@insomnio.nl.

Best regards,
Luc den Bakker

Summer School
Conservatory students can join the contemporary ensemble performance course.
Offered by ensemble INSOMNIO as part of the Utrecht Summer School!

This course aims to develop participants’ skills and knowledge about ensemble performance of contemporary music. It contains studying some key works from the 20th and 21st century repertoire for sextet (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion). Compositions by Boulez, Dessner, Schönberg and Reich will be used as a basis for practice and analyses, in order to achieve a better comprehension of contemporary music. Studying these works will be complemented by sessions exploring a wide range of topics in contemporary performance practice, such as specialist instrumental techniques, microtones, and preparation strategies, in order to develop further knowledge and skills relevant to performing this repertoire.
The course provides an opportunity for participants to work closely and intensively with INSOMNIO members on both individual and group bases. The support during the course is provided by the musicians and the conductor of INSOMNIO. They will focus on the ensemble interaction, rehearsal technique, individual musicianship, and of course the interpretation of the studied works.

Conservatory of the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht
Utrecht University

09 July 2016 – 15 July 2016 (7 days)

Utrecht Conservatory, The Netherlands

Advanced bachelor level

Idske Bakker

Ulrich Pöhl (conductor), Mieko Kanno (violin), Jana Machalett (flutes), Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer (clarinets) Charles Watt (cello), Enric Monfort (percussion), Laura Sandee (piano).

Highly motivated Bachelor and master students of music (performing arts) who wish to improve on their knowledge and skills in contemporary ensemble performance.

For both bachelor and master students of music:

to develop knowledge and skills in ensemble playing
to broaden understanding about the performance practice of contemporary music
to work towards a public concert

Each day starts with three hours block of ensemble tuition. In the afternoon, participants work in one-to-one sessions with INSOMNIO players, in which they can work on their ensemble parts or on their solo / chamber music pieces which they may bring to the course. In the evening participants will attend workshops given by INSOMNIO members on a broad range of topics. At the end of the course all participants will perform in a public concert.

• € 750 – Course + course materials + housing
• € 550 – Course + course materials
If you opt for accommodation in Utrecht, you can pick up the keys at the Utrecht Summer School office on Saturday 9 July between 12 noon and 6 PM.

Luc den Bakker, luc@insomnio.nl

For more information or subscription, click here

Deadline for registration: 01 June 2016

Last weeks to apply to Venice Choral Competition, Italy, 7-10 July 2016

Claudio Monteverdi Choral Festival and Competition
Venice, Italy, 7-10 July 2016

Welcome dear friends!

We warmly invite your choir to the only choral competition that really takes part in the city center of Venice. You will sing in some beautiful locations chosen especially for their great acoustics and insipring typichally venetian architecture. If you are one of the winners of your category you will have the honor to sing the Sunday Mass at the ‘St. Marco Basilica’! We also have an impressive list of jury members to ensure a high musical quality. Next year’s edition will take place 13-16 July 2017.

Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Venice to enjoy the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Competition!

Andrea Angelini
Artistic Director of the Competition

VI RASSEGNA CHITARRISTICA Darfo Boario Terme e Brescia

1) BRESCIA Sala Bazzini lunedì 4 Aprile 2016 piazzetta Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli 1
ore 17,30
Presentazione del libro „Un chitarrista per i compositori” a cura dell’autore Piero Bonaguri edito da Ut Orpheus
Concerto con musiche di: Molino, Vezzoli, Tagliamacco, Ugoletti, Anzaghi, Cappelli a cura del maestro Piero Bonaguri

BRESCIA Salone Da Cemmo lunedì 4 Aprile 2016 piazzetta Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli 1
ore 20,30
Concerto monografico dedicato a „Giulio Regondi” 1822-1872
Studenti delle classi di chitarra del Conservatorio di Darfo Boario Terme
Angelica Rodriguez, Matteo Vitali, Barbara Guerriero, Daniele Schiavone, Andrea Galletto, Gerardo Di Mauro
Studi nn. 1, 3, 4, 8 ,9
Air Varié n. 2 op. 22
Revierie, Notturno op 19
Air Varié de l’opera de Bellini „I Capuleti e i Montecchi”

2) DARFO Auditorium del Conservatorio lunedì 18 aprile 2016 ore 20,45 via Razziche 5
Concerto recital solistico
Chitarrista: Barbara Guerriero
Musiche di John Dowland, Johann Sebastian Bach, Fernando Sor, Manuel Maria Ponce, Lennox Berkeley.

3) DARFO Auditorium del Conservatorio martedì 26 aprile 2016 ore 20,45 via Razziche 5
Concerto recital solistico
Chitarrista: Federico Goffi
Musiche di Johann Sebastian Bach, Fernando Sor, Joaquin Turina, Manuel Maria Ponce, Joaquin Rodrigo.

4) DARFO Auditorium del Conservatorio 20 maggio 2016 ore 20,45 via Razziche 5
Violinista: Ivett Nagy
Violoncellista: Pierluigi Ruggiero
Chitarrista: Luca Trabucchi
Musiche di Franz Joseph Haydn, Niccolò Paganini, Fernando Millet, Nino Rota.

5) DARFO Auditorium del Conservatorio lunedì 30 Maggio 2016 ore 20,45 via Razziche 5
Concerto recital solistico
Chitarrista: Bruno Giuffredi
Musiche di Johann Sebastian Bach, Fernando Sor, Napoleon Coste, Giulio Regondi, Francisco Tarrega, Joaquin Turina, Heitor Villa-Lobos.


Szanowni Państwo.
Zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w VIII Ogólnopolskim Festiwalu Muzyki Akordeonowej w Solcu-Zdroju.
Przesyłam w załączeniu dokumenty festiwalowe. (regulamin z kartami zgłoszeń i wzorem oświadczeń dotyczące w/w festiwalu oraz zgody na wykorzystanie wizerunku i przetwarzanie danych osobowych).
Pozdrawiam Ewa Frączek – pracownik GCK w Solcu-Zdroju.